On May the 22nd. the Portuguese Government decided to let tourist in again and the Algarve has been declared Clean and Safe. Tourist are allowed in again. Borders with Spain will only open on July thefirst. On June 6th. the beaches in the Algarve will open again to the people for all activities.

This applies to EU citizens.


Please note that it is highly advisable that you take out yourself a travel cancellation insurance!!

In March 2020 we were unexpectedly faced with the Covid-19 virus. As we all know this has an enormous impact on the tourist industry worldwide, from holidays makers to property owners and many others in the branch. All of us are effected and the financial impact is enormous.

When I write this we are in the middle of May 2020. Portugal is one of the countries that seems to have handled the pandemic pretty well. We had a lockdown and a 6 week state of emergency. As Portugal and the the Algarve in particular is very much depending on tourism, the Portuguese Government makes all efforts to open the country for tourists this summer a.s.a.p.

Hence that many people had to cancel their stay in our lovely Algarve.

People book their holidays either through a rental portal, like booking.com - Airbnb or home-away. Most of the times clients make their payments through the portal, but in some cases it is done with the owner directly. All portals have their own cancelation policies which overrules ours. 

However in case of the latter we have our own cancellation policy.

For that reason we have decided that in case of proven force majeure, to introduce the following cancellation policy:

In case your flight to Portugal has been cancelled by your air-line company or you are not allowed to enter the country and you have paid already directly to us or a portal a deposit or in full, you have the following options:

  • We will refund you 50% of the amount paid


  • 75% of the monies paid will serve as a voucher, which you can use within 1 year from the date of your estimated arrival date at the property you have booked.

Neither you, neither the property owners are guilty or to blame if you have to cancel your trip. The owners depend on the income to pay for their mortgages and other expenses and cannot insure the risk of cancellations, whilst you can by taking out a cancellation policy.